Monday, April 15, 2013

Responsibilities and Expectations...

What a wonderful lesson to learn.  It's not always easy to submit to the will of our Heavenly Father, but He does always have our best interest at heart.  He doesn't necessarily reward us with our immediate desire, but rather responds with what in His eternal plan is best for us.  You're faith is really impressive and as you continue to put your trust in God, you'll be amazed at the level of trust He will place in you.  Listen for His message in every prayer, song, sermon, or conference and you will find it.  Then go and do accordingly and you will never fail.  In doing so, we really show our trust in Him.
Patience is so key in life.  Patience is not the absence of care, it is actually caring very much but being willing to submit to Heavenly Father's timetable.  When we are impatient, we are actually implying that we know best, or that our timetable is best, and we can never be so wrong.  Don't worry, all things work together for good to those that love God.

Transfer news came, and I am still with Elder Ani.   It's good...I should be able to see P get married, a few baptisms we've labored intensely for, and the area is nice; so no complaints.

Well, the week was interesting.

For starters, there was Zone Council which is always a treat (they feed us chicken!).  We also had our District Conference and Elder Satati spoke.  It was a nice conference.  Swedru District is really coming a long way.  They've been a district for over ten years and they should become a stake at the end of the year.

We've got some nice investigators at the moment and should have baptisms in two weeks time.  I will only share one experience that stood out to me personally.

We were asked to invite less active members to the conference by President Shulz, so gladly we obliged.  There is one pioneer member who has been inactive for years due to a misunderstanding with other members.  But we are very friendly with him and as we were passing by his shop felt impressed to sit down with him and invite him to the conference.  We talk and eventually the discussion leads towards the Sabbath day and it's importance, a subject we have spoken on many times.  He begins to harden his heart, in a sense, and becomes apprehensive to the message, so I began to speak according to a lesson I learned from Nephi in 1 Nephi 16.  In verse 8 it tells us that Lehi had "fulfilled all of the commandments given him" being filled with such exceedingly great faith he never saw it fit to murmur against the Lord.  However, later in the chapter after finding much success in hunting Nephi's bow of steel breaks.  Him and his party are without food, and Laman and Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael all begin to murmur, even faithful Lehi begins to murmur against the Lord.  The possibility of starvation became to real, and thus bitterness sank in.  Nephi could have done many things, but rather he teaches us a valuable lesson on helping others see THEIR own potential and how we can help them become whom we know they can become, and whom the Lord wants them to become.
Nephi in verse 23 quickly acts and makes a new bow of wood and some arrows.  Being the next to take his father's role as Prophet and leader, he could have easily inquired of the Lord himself, yet he goes to his father and has HIM ask the Lord where to go for food.  The Lord answers and quickly chastens Lehi, but the lesson had been taught.  The best way to help someone become who they need to become, is simply to help them realize their importance and their responsibility.  When they come to know these things, they will naturally fall into their place and live up to their expectations.  Of course with agency this isn't always possible, but an insightful lesson I learned nonetheless.  That brother didn't accept our invitation, but when learning of his need from the branch, he felt it.  Before leaving we asked him to pray for us, and he gave us a priesthood blessing and was reminded of his responsibilities.  One day he will come around.

That's really all that stood out to me; conference, zone council and that experience.

Well, an abrupt ending I know, but my time is up, ha ha.  I'll talk to ya next week!


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