Monday, April 1, 2013

Sowing Seeds...

It's definitely true, as a new member you can sometimes feel like you're on the outside looking in, and that's a terrible feeling.  One of Satan's biggest tools is that of creating doubt, specifically self doubt.  When the ward isn't showing any interest in you, you become susceptible to his many lies like "maybe something is wrong with me", "maybe I'm not good enough", or "maybe the church isn't true"; the list can go on and on and it's really just a complete shame.  I hate to see that happen here, where the church is still in an infantile state, but back home where it is so deeply established, there really isn't any excuse when that happens.

Don't ever give up on anyone.  You never know when they can repent and return with full purpose of heart, and ye may be the means of bringing salvation unto them (3 Nephi 18:32)

Not too much to report on this week, but I'll see what I can muster up according to my recollection.  Well for starters...YES, E did come to church this week, however she left right after Sacrament because her baby is sick, but the fact that she came speaks volumes.
As well, Sister P and the whole family came.  They are doing great, we are having an FHE with them at a members house (powerful couple married in the covenant) and the subject matter is all about temples and Celestial marriage.  Hopefully we can help them push forward with their date, because that funeral really didn't cost much money at all, and that's what they were delaying for.  I'll keep you informed, ha.

All in all, we had 8 in attendance this Sunday, which has been great, and we have 3 in the works for baptism this month.  B is in Brong Ahafo permanently it seems, for work, which is going well according to his family and hopefully he is connected to the church up there.

My companion and I have been sowing a lot of seeds and we can feel the harvest slowly creeping in.  The laborer is worthy of his hire, so we should be laden with sheaves, ha ha.  Missionary humor!

As I said, nothing overly spectacular to report but it's been a fairly quality week, full of work, work, work!

Well, short I know but there is always next week to make up the difference!

Talk to ya soon!

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