Monday, May 20, 2013

An Explosion In Their Kitchen...

Everything is going well, everyone is just anxiously anticipating transfer news on Saturday.

Investigators are doing alright.  We are just doing all that we can and leaving the rest to the Lord, not much more you can do than that.  Hopefully next Monday, you will be the recipient of some wonderful news.

The most interesting event that took place this week was Thursday when my companion and I were going to Odoben on splits.  We were proceeding through our normal planning period when we get a call from the Sisters.  Apparently, while they were in their respective rooms they heard an explosion of sorts come from the kitchen.  Upon entering the kitchen they see fragments of glass everywhere and realize that their glass top stove had exploded (we have no idea how).  Elder Ani and I quickly prepare ourselves and rush over, only to find the sisters stove in disarray and shattered glass scattered about the floor.  The Sister's were very fortunate to have been absent at the time of the incident, but unfortunately they had to go without cooked food until the next day, when my companion and I received a new stove top and set it up for them.  We were so shocked!   Needless to say, they have a different style stove top now.

Odoben was far less dramatic, ha ha.  I always enjoy myself with those Elders, they work hard and they're just great guys to be around.  Their area is definitely a refiners fire though.  No city line for water, so they fetch from a well.  But they hardly complain and are cheerful as ever.

Not much to share, and as you can observe I'm avoiding talking about certain individuals.  Not to worry though, I'm attempting to build suspense!

I'll keep you informed about transfer news.

Talk to ya next week!

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