Monday, April 22, 2013

Apartment Checks...Cleanliness Is Good!

What is snow? ha ha.  I would say enjoy the weather but these days I don't even feel comfortable in low temperatures, ha ha.  Glad the Ohio trip is going well though.

Yes, Elder Ani and I are still together, and I'll probably be a ZL for quite some time seeing as I have 5 transfers left.  I might train the last 2 transfers but one can never really tell such things.

 I got the package this morning actually.  It was 28 cedi's for the duty but my gratitude is priceless!  I didn't look through it too well but I will search more thoroughly later tonight.

Well, that leads into my week...

I have to tell you, I feel so terrible for Sister P sometimes.  As you know the marriage is supposed to take place next month, so we decided to stop by and teach her from Alma 40 and 41 concerning the resurrection.  The lesson goes wonderfully and as we close Sister P begins to chat with us.  We listen and listen, and then the iceberg revealed itself in full.  Brother V apparently just doesn't show much gratitude towards her and has shown that he cares more for his family than her and the children.  She told us of her concerns and the desires she has to leave, and how she even went searching for a place to stay recently.  She has determined that she will wait and see if V goes through with the traditional marriage rites, but she feels that he will find an excuse to cancel.  She doesn't want to leave him and give him cause to place blame on her, so she's being patient.  Well, she tells us these things and then just begins to cry, and of course we just felt overwhelmed and unsure.  The thought came to me that this situation had occurred before and Elder Martin and I gave her a blessing of comfort so I felt impressed to ask her if she would like another and she gladly accepted.  The difference was clear after the blessing was pronounced, and we shortly afterward left for another appointment, but I couldn't shake the feeling of I guess you could say pity for Sister P.  She is such a sweet woman.

We had apartment checks this week.  The office couple came to our zone so we had to accompany them to each of the apartments, which took about 3 hours of driving to all of the areas (Odoben is so far, ha).  They have different categories of cleanliness, mainly Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial.  The only apartments (there are 4) to receive Celestial and it's reward (treats) were the Sisters (no surprise) and my apartment! That was rewarding for us because President expects so much more from Zone Leaders.  Cleanliness really is a good thing, ha.  Mom, I'm sure you're praying I can maintain these qualities once home, huh? ha ha.

We had a combined District Meeting and my companion and I gave the report for Zone Council, and the District Leader instructed.  Next week, we'll have another combined meeting and interviews with President.  My companion and I will instruct during that meeting.

Tomorrow a choir from BYU Idaho is coming to perform at the university here in Winneba.  I was surprised when I heard about it but I'm excited to view their performance, and we'll have investigators present (no investigators, no program).  They'll be performing with the Winneba Youth Choir and it should be a very pleasant event.

Today we are actually going to do some service at the District President's house.  They just moved in recently (they built the house) and they need help fixing up a few things in the yard, so we volunteered some assistance.

This week we were mainly focused on a few specific progressing investigators.  All is well though and I'm anticipating a very nice e-mail next week.

Keep studying and keep the faith!  Until next week!

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