Monday, May 27, 2013

Big News!

Well, my connection this week is very slow so let me just get to the point right out of the gate.  I have two announcements: 1) I'm being transferred to Cape Coast to be a Zone Leader for the Cape Coast zone and 2) P and V are baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  Unfortunately we were not able to attend their traditional wedding because it took place outside of our mission boundaries, however I'm thrilled nonetheless.  I'm content with my time in Winneba and feel I've accomplished my purpose here.

Well, I'm elated to be honest.  My new companion is a fellow American and is also my MTC mate.  Hs name is Elder Rasmussen.  We will get along just fine for the transfer that I'll be with him, ha.  Aside from P and V, I don't have much to say.  We weren't having many other progressing investigators, and the investigators we did have unfortunately are struggling with addiction, which has been very disheartening and difficult to witness.  Addicts make very good liars, I've learned that.  It's painful to watch someone suffer and disregard your attempts to help.  Desire dictates everything in a person's life.

I've really learned and grown so much these past three transfers, so I've got no regrets and a lot of gratitude to the Lord.  His eternal plan for each of us is so perfectly constructed, that if we will only make consistent correct decisions, He will provide every means for our personal progression and we will obtain every predestined blessing.

You can see, I've been studying a great deal on fore-ordination/predestination and pre-existence, it's fascinating to me.  I don't have time to explain but read: Alma 13, D&C 138, Romans 9, and Romans 11 (mom, we will have discussions in due time).  You have a great potential, each of us, according to our pre-existent choices and developed talents and capacities.  Everything is predicated on pre-existent choices.

I'm excited for what the Lord has in store for me in Cape Coast!

Well, my time is up.  Just 4 transfers to go, but who is counting, right? ha ha

Elder Brown, P and family, and Elder Ani

Elder Brown, P and V at baptism, and Elder Ani

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