Monday, April 29, 2013

Drunk Investigators?!?!?

Well, it certainly is funny how things work out sometimes, but I too know that Heavenly Father directed everything to work out in the manner of His eternal plan.  I tell you mom, I look forward to some eventual antiquing trips of our own, that sounds like it was a wonderful experience.  There is just something so intriguing about history and the story each piece of antiquity carries.  You certainly know me well, because that table sounds like the bee's knee's ya see (insert 20's gangster voice).  Thank you very much, in advance, that's really very kind.

Interviews, etc are actually tomorrow and my companion and I will be instructing for an hour on planning and setting goals. etc.  Should be interesting, we have different activities lined up and it should be lively.  

The week has been nice enough, the highlight was surely the baptism.  We had 2 baptisms which was O and R, 2 young single adults we've been teaching for a few months.  We spent most of the time just teaching our tails off.  It's paying off though, people are really starting to progress.

This week is the annual Aboakyer Deer Festival here in Winneba.  Saturday they will go to the forest and catch a deer with their bare hands and parade it through Winneba before sacrificing it to their gods.  Should be difficult to teach that day, but it's an interesting experience nonetheless.

One interesting, maybe depressing experience I had recently was on splits with one of the Elders in my apartment.  We went to check on one of the investigators we recently met and upon arriving at his house, we find him incapacitated after serious alcohol consumption.  Just outside of his room, laying on the floor, out cold!  We decided it would be best to just come back another day, ha ha.  We ended up teaching him 2 days later, and he and his roommate were drunk, but ended up asking us about alcohol and whether or not Christians should drink.  So, we taught about that, and they were clearly not ready to hear the real answer, however they both came to church on Sunday.  Not an easy task though, ha.

I must say, as much as P has concerns at times, they really do love one another and we are looking forward to their marriage.  V has been taking every necessary procedure and everything is on course.

Kind of boring I know, but it was a positive week, nonetheless.

Take care, until next week!

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