Monday, May 6, 2013

Sacrifices, Drag Queens, and Cat Fights....Oh My!

When someone is susceptible to assistance, make sure you are always in a position to serve and testify.  Those covenants to love and do acts of kindness even as the Savior would do, and to bear witness of Him and the Father aren't calls for extra service, but a marvelous opportunity to display the blessings that come from being a covenant people.

I can tell you are inspired in your purchases mom!  A bookshelf?  Wonderful!  I will kill books when I'm home, ha ha.  I can't wait, ha.

You've already convinced me about Birmingham and Atlanta, so don't worry about me proving stubborn about that, ha.  I will go, and I will go more than willingly! (Devon is speaking about taking time to antique when we visit the temple together).

Whoa, Nick is home already?  I didn't expect to hear that, ha ha.  I'm glad that him and J are doing well.  I guess I'll be seeing them in about 6 months or so, ha.  Not too long.

The interviews were great, I always love conversing with President Shulz.  The instruction was fun as well.  We had to instruct for longer than anticipated, easily over an hour, but it's strangely exhilarating when you're teaching...wait a minute, no it's not, because you have the Spirit loosing your tongue and that feeling is always sensational.

You will have some good news in a few weeks concerning P and V; very good news.

This week was nice.  The work was not entirely disrupted (it can't be) but the festival was wild.  I mean the streets were overflowing, loudspeakers were blasting from every corner, rival clans were marching all over the place, drag queens were in abundance (humorous really), and even though they didn't catch the deer this year (a sacrifice still took place) the people's excitement couldn't be contained.  We met our appointments and made some strides, but it was definitely interesting.  You know a festival like that can't be complete without a cat fight, so I was privileged to witness a beating while purchasing an egg sandwich, ha.  All a part of the experience.

We've got zone council on Wednesday, so my companion and I are of course looking forward to that.

All in all just a typical week, in a not so typical fashion, ha ha.

I still can't believe Nick and J are home now!  I look forward to seeing Nick and talking to him, that will be a real treat for me, and I'm glad he will be around.

Not much to share.  Until next week, take care.

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