Monday, June 24, 2013

A Very Spiritual Week!

Wow, those topics for conference were great.  You'd think everyone would want to progress as much as possible, but that's not the case in far too many instances.  Elder Perry mentioned that we should never settle for "mediocrity" in our personal commitments to school, career, etc.  That should correlate with the gospel as well; only the valiant can be exalted, and isn't that what we are all striving for?

Well, as far as spiritual insights this week, I guess I was interested in humility.  Mostly around the need to submit to the Lord's will, giving Him the honor in all things, and acknowledging the need for His assistance in all things.  I mentioned something last week along the lines of our desires being so perfectly aligned with the Lord's that we will be given what we should pray, because the desires of the Lord will be the subject of our prayers (3 Nephi 19:24; D&C 50:29-30).  That directly correlates with humility.  We become purified and sanctified through our repentance, obedience, and devotion until we lose the desire to sin, etc.  This falls under the grace that enables us to be perfected in Christ, as we put off the natural man and become saints (Mosiah 3:19).
I was reading in Helaman and saw a great example of this in Nephi, the son of Helaman, as he is about to receive the sealing power.  In Helaman 10, Nephi is pondering about the wickedness of the Nephites, etc.  In verses 4-5 he hears the voice of the Lord and the Lord commends hime because Nephi had constantly been adhering to the will of the Lord (as you read chapters 9 and 10 it will make more sense) he trusts and knows he will not do or desire anything contrary to the Lord's will for him.  It was interesting t me, because clearly Nephi was humble enough to submit to all of the things that occurred to him, even in times of difficulty he would submit, always relying on the Lord.  It was interesting to me as I read it.

This week was spiritually filled, although I don't have time to expound, I can briefly summarize.
At church we had 2 investigators come.  N, the queen mother of Cape Coast, came for the 2nd time in a row.  She's an older woman and is very sweet.  The spirit was very strong as we taught her Saturday about the Godhead.  Her eyes were moist as we were closing the lesson.  It was a nice experience, and it was great when we saw her come into Sacrament meeting.  She lives in the same compound as a few powerful members in the ward, and they are doing well when it comes to fellow-shipping.  It's great, it's the way missionary work is supposed to be.

M also came to church, and to be honest I was surprised.  She's been taught everything, but in my opinion she is not ready for baptism just yet.  We'll see what takes place in the coming weeks.  We're praying for her though.

We went on splits with some of the Mankessim Elders.  I enjoyed being in their area and had the opportunity to teach them, etc.  But I also learn when I go on splits, so everyone benefits, ha.  The only disappoint was that I lost my oil vile!!!  I know, so soon right.  I guess the vile wasn't screwed on tight enough, and sometime in the night it fell off without my knowledge, so I just have the top half that screws in.  Negligence on my part, big time.  Just wasn't meant to be I guess, hopefully the Elders come across it at some point.

We are having a mission conference on Wednesday, so my companion and I have been commissioned to set everything up in the chapel.  We'll do that tomorrow morning, and get everything in order.  I'm excited President really wants to do some teaching, so the conference will be around 5 hours!

I can't think of anything else really to share.  Study the doctrines, comply to the knowledge you gain.  Seek the Spirit, and you cannot fail.  Your steps will be guided!

Talk to you next week!

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