Monday, June 3, 2013

An Eye Single to the Glory of God is the Key to Success!

Well, Cape Coast is interesting; it's a quaint little town, not too busy but there are still plenty of people to talk to. Our area is actually very small compared to my former areas, so it's a little restricting, but I know I will enjoy it for the limited time I will be here.  I was expecting the ward to be rather large and energetic but it's a little small and sleepy, we've got work ahead of us, but nonetheless I know I was predestined to labor here for the time being, and am very curious as to who is waiting for me to bring them the gospel's light.

June will be a busy month, to say the least.  We have Zone Council this Wednesday, a Zone Conference next Tuesday, and a Mission Conference on the 26th, so there are many activities that will take place.  As a Zone Leader in Cape Coast, we are in charge of coordinating all of the transfers for the mission, so as soon as I landed, bringing former zone members along with me, I was immediately thrown into this responsibility, making sure all missionaries arrived at their appointed destinations.  Stressful?  A tad.  Next transfer?  More so, ha  We'll be getting around 30 new missionaries next transfer and many are finishing their missions.

Today we had combined zone activities, so we all met at Oasis Beach for basketball and other recreation.  Unfortunately, it is rainy season and it's been raining nearly everyday since I've been here.  Off and on though, the work can never be frustrated.  I much prefer the overcast weather to the scorching sun, so the rain is definitely a blessing, especially since Cape was in a drought about a month ago.  The activity still held, although under an incessant drizzle, ha.

My apartment is one of the oldest in the mission but I like it a lot.  It's called 39 steps because everyday we must climb a flight of stairs to get to our place, but it's not too bad and the exercise is always welcome. It's actually in our area which is a plus as well, Winneba was quite a distance from the apartment, so it was a hindrance in some aspects.

Just getting acquainted with the area and my companion, but I'm enjoying so far and will continue to do so throughout the next 6 weeks.  Unfortunately, I don't have much to talk about as far as the work goes, well except maybe one thing.

We are teaching an older woman named M, who has a high ranking position in the Anglican Church.  She has a testimony of the restoration but is struggling to leave behind the Anglican Church due to the position.  She has come to church a few times and is taking steps to leave her church, having talked with the council at her church, but they want her to wait until elections in November. We taught her about sacrifice and christian courage and it went well, but she was hesitant to accept the church commitment.  Well, it being fast Sunday, we fasted for her, and to make a long story short...she came to church! A bit late, but she came and we were very pleased.  Hopefully she will continue and leave behind her past traditions to be among the children of promise.

Well, that's about all she wrote for me.  Let's look forward to the coming week, with an eye single to the glory of God!  It has been said that that is the key to success, so let's make this a successful week.

I look forward to next week!  Take care and quench not the Spirit!

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