Monday, June 10, 2013

Missionary Minded...

Cape in and of itself is actually large, for a single set of missionaries at least.  We have 4 covering the main center of the town and 2 covering most of the surrounding suburb.  The section my companion and I are covering is actually small in comparison with my former areas, especially Winneba and Kojokrom.

That sentiment rings true for everyone; whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies!  In our zone there are 20 Elders, 2 more than Swedru had because the AP's are in our zone. The stress really is never too bad, sometimes we just let the perfectionist nature get to us, when there are many things out of our control.

Well, for our week we've been talking to everyone trying to build up a serious teaching pool.  Right now we are working on the ward, trying to remind them of their duties and get them missionary minded.  We've been attacking individually, but this Sunday we will attack collectively via missionary sacrament meeting.  My companion and I will give talks, and we're praying it will help the members help us, help the Lord.

I managed to contract some sort of bug this week that was going around the mission.  Typical runny tummy outbreak, and one incident of vomiting in the early morning hours.  Still proselyted, thanks to the enabling power of the Atonement.  Fine now, and it was a learning experience regardless.

Africans are very traditional to be sincere.  Not in the sense that it used to be, but it still takes precedence over gospel culture in some aspects.  The church really is in an infantile state still.  But it can be a challenge to help people see the need to put this new gospel culture first.

The election I spoke of is for M's office of Vice President in the women's fellowship.  I will keep you updated.

I think that is all for now, I hope it will suffice.  Talk to you next week, until then trust in the Lord and keep the faith!

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