Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing is Coincidental!

Prayer truly is a supernal gift; I've been studying about prayer and improving personal prayers.  At times we really can get in a robotic state, using vain repetition, as the Savior said.  As I've attempted to strive for more personal, intimate prayer, I've begun to feel an even greater peace distilled upon me.  I guess that is a lesson I learned through the sickness.  Even how answer to prayer can be instantaneous, I had a very personal experience with that.  The late Elder Wirthlin submitted a really wonderful article on this around 2004 in the Liahona, maybe you could find it.  As long as it is the will of the Lord, prayer can help us more than we can even comprehend.  Aligning our will with the will of the Lord is vital.  We are supposed to reach a state where it will be given us what to pray, because our desire and the Lord's will be the same.

We have stewardship for 20 missionaries.  Swedru was 18, that is the standard zone size, although they are going to create new zones to accommodate the worldwide influx of missionaries (4 in every ward).  The zone far exceeds the immediate Cape area, even going to a few other towns and villages.  Abura zone is nearby, with about 16 or so missionaries under it.  While in Nkanfoa, I was under Abura zone.

I am in awe and gratitude often when I meditate upon my life.  Especially experiencing for the first time the common beliefs associated with other Christian sects.  The Christian world is sadly in great confusion, and I was privileged to be placed right into the truth.  It is not coincidence, it is predestined; that is what baffles me, that is knowledge that makes me grateful above all else, knowledge of my origin, knowledge of my potential.  Do you reflect on that (mom)?  Your coming into the Church?  When I think of my prodigal son era, and the love my Heavenly Father displayed in arranging my return, it is amazing; it is not coincidental, nothing is coincidental.  Simply put, the church is true.

Life is all about choices, using agency for its intended purpose.  We are meant to choose righteousness, to bridle passions, to master the flesh, etc.  We have grand potential, each of us.  Only the Father and Son know the fullness of that potential; they know how we can reach it, they see the end from the beginning.  It is left for us to simply seek the Spirit, make correct choices, stay on the strait and narrow path, and it will lead us to our overall destiny, we can reach our full potential, what God intends for us. That is why submitting to His will is so vital.  His will is always more significant, more forthcoming.  He will present the opportunities we need to foster spiritual growth.  Inasmuch as we come unto Christ, perfection is not only a possibility it is a reality (Moroni 10:32-33).

The missionary sacrament meeting was great, easily my best Sunday yet.  I spoke on the need for unity, being one.  Zion is an interesting subject to me.  Zion, consecration, that whole thing.  Applying unity to missionary work of course, it plays a very large role in fulfilling the Lord's purposes and building His kingdom.  We even got some referrals, so that seems receptive.  "If you are on the Lord's errand you are entitled to the Lord's assistance."  Things are going well, I'm enjoying Cape Coast very much.

M did not come, tis the agency of man.  But we had 5 investigators, so who can complain?  The Lord will provide.  We are seeing many a "ram in the thicket."

This week was really good for me.  I read a lot about financial planning, the principle of planning, etc.  It has long been in my mind to put away money, every pay check, no matter how small towards an overall "marriage fund."  The goal being to have enough to comfortably have a small apartment, easily within my means, and to be able to pay at least 2 months utilities so that while working we will be on track.  I have it worked out in my mind, of course I will have to research and do studies to increase my knowledge and understanding of those things but it seems to be the most wise prospect.  You can't just say, "I will get married by this time," without thought, planning, and application.  That will just result in a mess.  I'm aware I won't ever be stable enough to avoid difficulty, but you have to prepare and plan, and move forward.  That's been on my mind, I don't know, ha.

Well, that's it for now.  Talk to you next week!

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