Tuesday, July 2, 2013

12 Go Home...

I'm exhausted!  We just got back from an intense soccer match and although I feel great from all the physical exercise involved, I definitely can't wait to close the day and drift off into dreamland, ha.

Yeah, it's true, I am all over the place about school.  I'm just thinking about home life as the time continues to dwindle.  It's becoming surreal, especially considering 12 powerful Elders are leaving next week.  Most of my mission those guys played a part of and now they are going home, ha.

As far as the work goes this week, it wasn't as fruitful as we would have liked.  My companion spent Friday and Saturday ill so we weren't able to proselyte and as a result are somewhat behind concerning several investigators.  Although we still taught several lessons previous to those two days, only 1 investigator came to church.  Nana traveled for a funeral, and M didn't show.  M is definitely not ready for baptism on the 6th and we basically have to just leave her to make a decision, either come into the church, or stay at the Anglican church until elections.  We'd rather her be strong and active, than lackadaisical because of outside influences.

The missionary conference was great!  President and Sister Shulz really expounded on the laws of justice and mercy, and repentance; citing the necessity of confession for true and complete repentance.  It was powerful and moving.  There were a few other instructions on budgeting and apartment upkeep, etc.  Hopefully we will get together again before my group leaves.  Mission conferences are always a pleasure.  It's weird now though, there are so many new and young missionaries, I hardly know anyone anymore.  Everyone I know is dead or dying.  I now know what those old missionaries were thinking when my group first came, ha.

I wish I had more to share from this week but it didn't turn out as well as we would have liked, but that's life and it shall give us experience and be for our good.  I'm also drained and not thinking clearly.

Next week I should have at least a spiritual insight for you.

Don't mind me, oh, I'll do better next week.  Either way, we'll talk next week!

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