Monday, August 19, 2013

7th Transfer as a ZL and I Still Love It!

Well, it turns out that I'm still in Cape Coast.  I'm thrilled; things are going well, the members are wonderful, and nothing beats proselyting by the sea, ha ha.

Right now we are teaching the daughter of a pioneer member, she's about 26 and her name is L.  She is doing great, coming to church, has a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  We just pray she can join the church before she leaves for nurses training college.

The E family (pioneer family, J. E. helped Billy Johnson get the church going in Cape Coast) are wonderful; we are becoming close with them, as well as other members.  That is a goal this transfer, to get the members really excited to work with us and to just build friendships.

D, is now a baptized and confirmed member of the church and he is doing well.  I pray they give him a calling as soon as possible to help him integrate into the ward.  The YSA are doing well fellow-shipping him, that's what it's all about.  Missionary work is all about relationships.

The transfer did bring unexpected blessings.  My zone was realigned and is unbelievably superior now.  NKANFOA is in my zone now!  That means splits back to my favorite little area!  We got some other sweet areas as well, I'm excited.

In a nut shell, the work is going well, the ward is doing great, and I'm surrounded by positivity, ha.

I hope this news is sufficient and I hope that I will hear glad tidings next week.

Take care, use wisdom in all things, and keep the FAITH!  THE CHURCH IS TRUE!  That's what Brother E always says, and what more can you add; the church is true.

We will talk next week!

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