Monday, July 15, 2013

The Priesthood in the Boy Is the Same As the Priesthood in the Man!

Sounds like you had a great Sunday mom.  Even myself, I like to have some form of notes to rely on when speaking.  Nick is doing well, I know his mission really refined him into a fine young man and I'm excited to speak with him in person.

Well, my week has been a lot of fun.  My new companion is Elder Glider, he was in my former zone so I knew him quite a bit before he came to meet me in Cape Coast.  He's from Idaho, we're doing well together.

Oh transfer day was a blast!  I may just get a t-shirt made that says: "I survived transfer day, July 10, 2013."  It wasn't so bad actually.  Stressful sure, but I managed to stay relatively composed, and everyone is where they need to be.  Nest time will be a lot simpler, with less bumps along the way.

We've managed to meet several new investigators who are keeping their commitments, and we had 5 come to church.  Although my most dear spiritual experience of the week also involves Nana.  After many successful lessons, we were rounding up the day (Saturday), and I received the impression to go and see Nana.  My companion readily agreed and we made our way to her compound.  Upon arrival we see her nephew and he goes to call her for us.  He comes down and tells us she isn't responding so we go up ourselves in hope she will respond to us.  We knock and in an almost inaudible voice we hear her call us to come in, in Fante dialect.  WE crack open the door and see her seated in the corner weeping, and come to find out that she is in severe pain due to a problem with her teeth.  Quickly we offer to give her a blessing and she pleads for us to do so; I ask my companion if he wants to bless and he replies I should since I know her better.  I must tell you, throughout my mission I haven't felt the Spirit or felt intelligence flow through me so strongly while administering, than I did on that night.  It was surreal, and probably for the first time, I felt, even knew that the words and promises were not my own.  We were confident that she would be fine and she attempted to retire to bed as we left.
We came back before church the next day and met her dressed in funeral clothes (she didn't come to church because of a funeral, that's Ghana though) and seated very cheerfully, even anticipating our arrival.  She was completely fine, and bore testimony that we had been sent from God to aid her (which I know to be true) and that the blessing has increased her testimony of the church.  It was a great experience for me; the priesthood in the boy is truly the same as the priesthood in the man.  It's so important to stay worthy of the Spirit and to be able to exercise the priesthood.

Well, my time is up and I wish I could share more, but it will have to be next week!

Take care and stay safe!  Talk more soon.

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