Monday, August 5, 2013

The Restricting Power of Tradition. . .

I'm pretty surprised myself, once my birthday hits I'm just left with 12 weeks (the Kumasi guys are going a transfer early).  I'm not trunky in the aspect of slacking off, but I do think about home and the many things I will enjoy once again, namely nutritious food, ha ha.  This transfer my trainer, Elder Derry and Elder Martin, one of my fav companions are going home, that's when I'll really feel it coming, ha.

Yeah, Pharmacy really does feel good to me.  It will be difficult I'm sure, but I feel up to the task.  I realize how little effort I put forth in high school which is shameful on my part, but I think mission life will help me a great deal in my studies.  FAMU, huh?  That's interesting, I'll have to check into that I reckon.  I think I mentioned I felt to go to FAMU at one point?  I'm certain that I want to school in FL now.  I's like to settle down in FL as well, I love the south what can I say?  ha ha

It'd be great to stay in Cape another transfer but it's likely I'll be released though, which I'd be fine with, this is my 6th transfer in leadership[, so a 7th would be extreme in my opinion.  But you can never tell what the Lord will do.  Cape Coast zone will definitely split into a new zone though, so that means I might have to stay for another round.

Brother K's feet are improving, but they are still hindering his progress a bit.  Right now we're struggling with his word of wisdom issue, which will take some time to conquer.  Sunday was great though, I really felt the Spirit strongly and we had 4 investigators come.  One is getting ready for baptism on the 17th, and institute is starting up again which is perfect timing so that he can get right into that program for fellow-shipping and progression.  His name is D, he's 19 and this week his sister came and he even brought a friend to church as well.  Very cool guy, and even if I transfer out I'd feel content knowing that he has been brought into the kingdom.  He recognizes the Spirit very well, I love when an investigator can recognize and immediately follow spiritual promptings.

Sunday was definitely the highlight of my week.  Easily the best Sunday that I've experienced so far in Cape Coast.  Elder Glider and I are working very well together, and it's showing in the fruits we are experiencing.  We're teaching a ton of lessons, and the majority of investigators are doing their assignments and keeping their commitments, which is fantastic.  I feel, not necessarily frustrated, but confused concerning one investigator, B.  She has received several confirmations from the Spirit, and even came to church Sunday, but she's proving stubborn for lack of a better word, about baptism.  It's strange sometimes when someone knows the church is true but just can't follow through or isn't willing to sacrifice.  I wonder if missionaries in stateside missions experience that sort of thing; the restricting power of tradition.

That's great news mom and an excellent insight; they will definitely be more susceptible to the Spirit now.  That could be part of their overall preparation from the Lord.  It's true, respect the Lord's timing but always act on spiritual promptings.  "If you will follow the first prompting you will hit it right 9 times out of 10."

I think that's about all for me this week.  I look forward to next week and the remaining to come!  Talk to you next week!

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