Monday, July 22, 2013

True Friends Make Living the Gospel Easier!

Wonderful, I can imagine that Austin is thrilled to death about that call.  It seems I'll be back in the nick of time in order to see him off.

I love the scriptural thought.  Very true sentiment and something I can definitely relate to as well.  A true friend makes it easier for you to live the gospel, right?

No proselyting! ha.  I must say if we relied solely on members giving us people to teach, we wouldn't accomplish much.  They assist a great deal, which we are grateful for, but it's difficult to even imagine my mission without contacting and "gospel conversations."  I was thinking of J recently, I haven't heard much about him.

Well, speaking of bending to the Lord's will, we've been finding this week lackluster.  We've decided to pause on Nana for a while.  Similar situation to M, her Queen Mother position is dominating her ability to fully commit to Christ further than just lip service.  We have taught her what she needs to do, it's just left with her to follow it.  Tradition can be a difficult obstacle in Ghana, especially with constant funeral services, which are highly esteemed and demanding her full attention at this time.  Agency; it's in the Lord's timing I suppose.

We had our ward conference, but none of our investigators came this time, painful;  but refining nonetheless.  We feel there is something brighter ahead, so we're doing all we can to bring it to pass.  Some progressing investigators traveled, so hopefully upon their return things will pick up again.

If I don't get called to train at the end of this transfer, I might finish in Cape Coast.  If not I think I'll do one more with Elder Glider, then transfer on my last transfer which would kind of suck, but I'd accept it.  Think of it, starting August 21st, I'll have 12 weeks left in Ghana, ha.

I've not been studying anything too profound really.  Just thinking more and more about repentance and the laws of justice and mercy; how it is important to help investigators understand and appreciate the Atonement through these laws and principles.  I love the verses found in Mosiah 4:1-3, how wonderful repentance feels and the wonderful peace and joy that comes from knowing you have been forgiven.  I love Mormon 9:3-5 as well.  How if we choose not to repent, especially of grievous sins, the terrible torment that will come through acknowledgment of sin.  We can either have serenity of mind, or exquisite suffering through our conscience, based off of sincere repentance and acknowledgement of Christ and His Atonement.  It leaves you in the depths of humility when pondering on the infinite and supernal sacrifice of our Lord.

Well, let;s look forward to the coming week!   With a heart full of gratitude, we are bound to receive glad tidings.  Let's hope I'll be able to give a more positive report.

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