Monday, September 2, 2013

Learning Lessons...Still!

Well, not too much to say because of what time will permit.  But, I learned some things this week.  Sunday was really what I needed, I can't even express what I felt Sunday but it was marvelous. The Lord knows what we can bear and He knows what we need to stay steady.  I know this transfer is a testing, even a proving period for me.  It likewise can better me greatly, or impede me.  I feel previously it was impeding me, until I was reminded of a key lesson.  Just like the rich young ruler, I was lacking something, and for me that something was charity.  Not the temporal, donation kind, the inward condition of the heart.  I wasn't being as compassionate and considerate as I should be, I wasn't recognizing the many blessings and miracles my companion and I were and currently are receiving.  As soon as I discerned that within myself, my perspective changed and I found myself being joyfully content. The area still isn't easy, the challenges are still very much present but it's all swallowed up when you really desire to be filled with that pure love of Christ.  The gift of love is given to all men, but only charity is bestowed upon true followers of Jesus Christ.  Moroni 7:47-48

At first during sacrament meeting we had no investigators and even D wasn't there.  We were tempted to be disappointed, and realistically we were, but it was still such a spiritual meeting it didn't seem to matter what occurred on our timetable.  Then during the second hour, I'm called out by our 1st Counselor in the Bishopric.  Once outside I'm greeted by D's sister M, and another sister we had been teaching named A.  Tender mercy for sure, for which I was grateful.  Then when I went upstairs for Priesthood meeting, there was D seated with a few of the YSA, drenching with sweat!  He forgot the time for church had shifted and had ran all the way from his home to the church!!!  Talk about diligence.  He's doing well.  "With one success a thousand failures are forgotten."

So, I believe with the discouragement I began to really lack in Charity, with which I am working to improve.  As well, I need to learn another lesson in diligence.  Being anxiously engaged even when circumstance isn't desirable, and all odds seem to be against you.

Truly the Ghana Cape Coast Mission is meant to make us forever strong!

Well, talk to you next week!

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