Monday, September 16, 2013

Mountains to Climb. . .

I'm surprised to know that Bishop Roberts was granny's physician.  I'm glad my dad was able to meet him, Bishop is such a remarkable man, I really admire him in many ways.  I admire a lot of the men at Crestview.

No itinerary yet, and B ended up traveling to Accra so we don't even know he will return.  Trial after trial, ha ha.  It's all good, sometimes we just need mountains to climb.  If at all possible I would love to have this cup removed from me, and just finish as a normal missionary in a new area.  Just a powerful 6 weeks and then homeward bound!  Transfers will be 2 weeks from now.

Honestly, I really don't have anything overly positive to share this week.  The highlight was by far when D, our recent convert, blessed the sacrament for the first time.  He did it perfectly, I had been praying that his mind would be cleared and that his nerves would be quelled, and that was definitely answered.  He went through without any mistakes.  I remember my first time, I fumbled like you wouldn't believe, ha.  Once again, "one success is worthy a thousand failures."  My quote to live by these days.

Thank you for attending the funeral though, I appreciate it, I know you didn't just attend for me but it still means a lot.  This e-mail has brought me a lot of consolation and has filled me with a new hope.  Maybe it's a sign that my work in Ghana is truly coming to a finish and a new endeavor is on the horizon.  I don't know how home life will be, I know it will be stressful in different ways, and difficult in different ways, but I'm eager for the growth it will bring; a whole new growth, both temporally and spiritually.

So, obviously we're facing difficulties in the area, but it shall be well.  I'm at peace with Granny's passing, I've felt spiritual assurances and I know she is fine.  I'm just anticipating the transfer and whatever happens is the will of the Lord, and I'm ever ready to endure whatever comes; whether I tarry in Cape Coast or whether I continue on to something new.

Take care and we will talk next week!

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