Monday, September 9, 2013

Teaching For Understanding...

Things are still rough in a lot of places.  We're planting a lot of seeds and I'm learning to be content with just planting and watering.  It's not always that you must harvest, so I'm trying to be humble and submit to the Lord's will, whatever it may be.  However, it's a lot easier to say than do, that's for sure, ha.

Elder Glider is a sweet guy, I feel like he'll be my last companion, but if it was my will, I'd transfer to a new, nearby area for 6 weeks; just to keep me on my toes and to help me finish on a high note.  With that said, this week was crazy because Cape Coast celebrated a week long festival with the climax being Saturday.  We couldn't teach at all that day, the streets were packed and the noise was excessive. Interesting sights though, a part of the festival is when they carry chiefs through the street.

We have a very sweet investigator right now named B.  We've only taught him twice but they've been powerful lessons and he's definitely feeling the Spirit.  Just yesterday we reviewed the restoration a bit and then covered the Book of Mormon with him.  It went well, but I think out of any investigators I've ever had, he was able to recognize the Spirit the clearest and was the only one that I can recollect that ever described it in a fiery, burning sense.  We could see he was feeling the Spirit because of his eyes and his countenance, and then towards the end we asked him how he was feeling and to describe those feelings.  He replied, "something like heat, like a heat in my heart; the fan is on but I feel heat.  Whenever I'm searching for something in my room, I'll see the testimony of Joseph Smith pamphlet, as if I'm drawn to it, and I feel heat."  It was pretty awesome to hear that and to testify that those feelings are from the Spirit.  He says he knows it is true and when we see him Tuesday we'll watch the restoration film with him.

One success is worth a thousand failures, right?  We had many disappointments, some depressing moments, but that one lesson seemed to make it all worth it.  Just gotta start this week on a positive note.  It's crazy how much your attitude alone can affect you.  "You can't sow thistle and expect to get strawberries."  Elder Holland.  I don't know if you have read his talk on mercy and justice in the September Liahona?  So powerful, I have the original audio.  Elder Holland was just destined for greatness, ha.

My companion and I had to instruct during our Zone Conference/interviews with President.  We talked about teaching for understanding and it went well.  I love the quote from Joseph Smith, "If the Savior comes to a little child, He will adapt Himself to the language and capacity of a little child."  That says so much to me.  Truly He is the master teacher and the one we should emulate in all things.

Also had the privilege to go to Nkanfoa on splits.  I love that place!  It was wonderful to see old faces and acquaintances.

Well, that's about all for me and about all time will permit me to share.  Take care and I will do the same.

Much love from Ghana!

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