Monday, October 28, 2013

A Beautiful Baptism...

It's bizarre, that 24 Fast Sundays are almost over, I've only 1 left.  Next thing I know I'll be 30! Ha.

Oh, H's baptism was beautiful!  I'm really grateful I was able to be a participant in that experience for her.  It was a wonderful service.  As she came up out of the water she, like most Ghanian's, was startled but as she was coming up the stairs she was all smiles.  She really felt the Spirit during the baptism.  She was also extremely early for church Sunday in order to be confirmed.  Unfortunately her husband failed to attend church, again, and even the baptism for that matter, but it's nice to see H at church with her children.

I actually misjudged, and I'll be going to Kojokrom next Monday, in order to see converts, members, etc. before I go.  Fortunately, this Sunday we'll be gathering as a Stake to watch some sessions of General Conference, so I'll even see some of the members at the Stake Center.

So, next Monday will be my last post.  How bizarre, how bizarre!  Naturally this post is brief, we'll converse in depth soon enough anyway, right?  HA.

See you soon!

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