Monday, October 14, 2013

Bush Meat . . . and Chance Meetings??

So, now I'm at the point where I don't even like talking about home much, unless I bring up the subject.  I hope people won't take offense if I'm not always eager to share details about my mission either.  I'm in an apartment with my MT Elder Bush, and we mentioned that just last night.  So much has happened, and we've had so many experiences that you can't just sum it all up in a matter of minutes.  It's not easy coming home, ha.

Well, the week has been interesting.  My companion isn't the most pedantic soul in the world, so it's been interesting pepping him up.  I can say that he honestly wasn't trained the best, and a large part of that falls under the obedience category.  It's been rewarding to see him learning from me though.  We'll have a lesson, and then later in the day I'll notice him saying something I said, or using an approach that I used, following a teaching pattern I've developed.  It's almost like I'm training again, so if nothing else I know that the Lord brought me to Chapel Hill to set a good example for a missionary in need.

The members as I mentioned last week are wonderful, it's a shame I won't be able to spend more time with them.  The ward is the most effective ward I've ever served in, the PEC meetings I've attended are truly church handbook run.  You can do a lot of wonderful work in this area, so don't worry (mom) I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, and I truly do desire to finish strong.

It's possible I may have one more baptism before I go.  Sister H is a sweet woman whose children are members.  She's been coming for a while and we are going through the lessons with her.  She was so happy at church on Sunday, and her children are glad that she is coming.

I experienced a first today.  We were invited to a members restaurant/hotel and I finally ate fufu with Bush meat, grasscutter to be specific.  It was delicious, you would never think a large rodent would be palatable, but they are, ha.

Again I really don't know what all I can say.  I'm still pretty new in the area, and I'll be home before I've figured everything out, ha.

Well, interesting experience I just had at the cafe.  Testimony builder on how much the Lord truly knows individual needs, and how nothing is coincidental.  I'm just here e-mailing when a sister walks in and begins talking to me, introducing herself as a member of the church.  We exchange pleasantries, and then she says, "Sorry, but the Spirit tells me I can talk to you; I don't know why but I'm struggling and even want to leave the church."  I was taken aback, and asked her why.  After some discussion we got to the conclusion that she just doesn't understand the Book of Mormon and when she reads it she gets nothing out of it, and she feels fed up.  I bore my testimony and shared some scriptural passages, etc as I felt impressed to.  The Book of Mormon is so vital, it truly is the keystone of our religion, without which we have no religion.  At the end of the day each of our testimonies are hanging on the Book of Mormon.  Hopefully I was able to help that sister in one way or another.  We don't always see the results of our efforts but no effort is wasted.

Sorry to disappoint again this week.  Only 3 more posts, what a shock!

See you soon!

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