Monday, October 21, 2013

Dead Man Walking...

When I get home, ideally I'd like to actually spend free time reading, the way I used to.  I miss books *sigh*, I want to juggle between secular and theological though.  Right now I'm making notes for myself for when I'm home, boundaries I want to set for myself to help me maintain a productive existence, and not just fall into a trap of media and 1st world distraction.  I'm excited for those things, but I know if I'm not cautious I could end up just wasting a lot of time.  Going to be tricky, ha ha.

Sister H is doing well, if everything goes accordingly we'll hold her baptism Saturday.  We're managing, I'm learning, it's all good, ha.  It will be interesting riding solo after 24 months of constant company . . . I think I'll enjoy it, ha ha.  All jokes aside, everything is fine at the moment.

For p-day today, they just tossed a football around, somewhat boring.  Most of the Africans were upset that we didn't play soccer.  Next week I'll go to Kojokrom, and then it's Cape Coast!

All is well, just doing the normal missionary routine, although I'm now known as a "dead man walking" by some of the younger Elders, but we all have to serve our time, right? ha.

I'm practically speechless at this point, and anything I'd like to say, I'd prefer to just discuss in person, ha. (see you soon mom!)

Take care and see you soon!

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