Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, I've been released as a ZL and I will be finishing my last 6 weeks in Chapel Hill, Takoradi!  It's safe to say I'm thrilled!  Chapel Hill is the richest area in the mission so it's a nice place to finish, but aside from that I just needed a change and I'm happy the Lord was mindful of me and my needs.  I feel I passed my test, I learned many lessons on endurance and diligence, and I look forward to the lessons I will learn in the coming weeks.  I'll be able to visit Kojokrom again and see the members, and hopefully the Takoradi Stake Conference will be during my tenure there.

With that being said, Sunday was a bit hard for me.  After I bore my departing testimony, I just became misty eyed out of nowhere; it just hit me like a brick that I've come to love the members in the ward so much.  It also put into perspective the general love I have for the country and its people.  I will certainly feel the pangs of inevitable departure that last week.

Well, as far as investigators are concerned, none came to church.  Had some promises as always, but they were all empty promises with no action.  I personally feel that the area will begin to develop now that I am leaving.  I think I just needed to learn some lessons about myself that immediate success could not bring.  I learned the 1 truly is important to God, and if you only bring one soul, your joy is full.  I learned it's OK to just plant seeds.  You mustn't harvest every time, sometimes, your calling is to simply plant and water, and that's fine because it's God that gets the increase anyway.  I learned that baptisms aren't synonymous with success.  Success is largely individual, and inasmuch as you did all that you could do, the Lord is mindful of those efforts and the blessings are still yours.  I was humbled time and time again, and I still have much more refinement to receive, but I know that the Lord will consecrate all of my afflictions for my gain (2 Nephi 2:2)

Life is good, Elders are going home tomorrow, and are coming to the mission home this afternoon.  After this set, it's me.  That's odd!  It's now very real, almost tangible, as if I can just go and pick up my flight ticket today.  I've been having a lot of missionary related dreams.  Perhaps my subconscious is clinging to these 2 years more than I realize.

I read Elder Holland's talk "For Times of Trouble" that Bishop DeVore sent me.  Inspired choice on his part, I'd read it before, but it now has greater depth to me.  Discouragement is a dangerous germ, I'm grateful for the change and the zeal it will give me.  I don't want to leave Ghana frustrated or on bad terms, and the transfer will help bring that to pass.  The disappointments were pretty severe and disheartening, but at the end of the day, you just have to change your perspective, and I feel I endured well, I did my best.

I look forward to the challenges of school, career, family, etc.  It's good to be stretched, removed from your comfort zone.  It's natural to feel overwhelmed, or apprehensive, but I can do it and Elder Holland really helped me to realize that more.  Besides, if you are faithful, you cannot fail.  If you keep your eye single to the glory of God, you'll only be following the path He desires of you.

Well, my new companion is Nigerian, Elder Ekpo, he's around 4 transfers or so, should be fun.  Not much more to say really, I'm just ready to get to Chapel Hill! ha ha

Enjoy the week and talk to you next Monday!

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