Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Returning With Honor ...

Well, here we are at my very last post.  Wow!

HA HA, mom you kill me, grandchildren!  I'm wondering how I will even find a suitable girlfriend in our area, ha.  I have faith though, ha.

Ahh yes, the homecoming meal!  I have thought about that just a little (mom) and a roast with plenty of carrots, potatoes, just a classic roast meal would be perfect!  Trust me when I say, I love vegetables these days.  My tastes have REALLY changed.  I would love corn bread as well, OR rolls.

I have really come to see the importance of family these past few weeks.  It seems that this is what the Lord is really hammering on these days; family responsibilities, the role of the priesthood in the family, etc.  The core of the gospel of Jesus Christ really is the family.

So, my week...I was able to see a convert from Kojokrom at the Stake Center that is doing very well, Ben is his name.  He has the desire to serve a mission which is fantastic.  We got to watch the Sunday morning and afternoon sessions of General Conference and it was wonderful, very inspiring and motivating.  I'll be very interested in reading the Ensign and/or watching the full conference.

I did get to see a few members from Kojokrom today, but not all, which is unfortunate but President Shulz sent out a new law forbidding us to visit our old areas.  I don't know why, but he has his reasons and I will abide by his counsel.  I count it a tender mercy that I was able to see a few old friends again though.  However, when I get to Cape Coast/Nkanfoa next week I will be permitted to visit.

The week was cool, Hawa came to watch conference which was good, she enjoyed it.  Aside from that, the week hasn't been as fruitful as I would like.  No fault of the area, but my companion is sluggish.  It makes me sad actually, it really does.  I hate to see someone desiring to be less than what they could be.  Strive to be the best you can be.  That's something mission has taught me.  Why settle for mediocrity?

Tomorrow is my last District meeting and I've been asked to give a short instruction on what it means to return with honor.  That is interesting to me.  Coming home a better person and more devoted Christian, seems sufficient to me.  I'm excited to share my thoughts with the Elders.

Well, this is it.  We've come a long way and it's been a joyous journey.

Take care and mom, don't drive yourself mad thinking about the airport...I will apply that to myself as well, ha ha.

See you soon!

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